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Learn to Use GPS in the Backcountry (Intro) | Learn About Your GPS Receiver | Set Up Your GPS Receiver | Practice Recording Locations | Interpret your Data: Recording and Using Tracks

Learn About Your GPS Receiver

by Phil Romig Jr.

Getting Familiar with your Receiver
  1. Find your GPS receiver and the (ugh!) instruction manual.
  2. Ensure that the receiver has working batteries.
  3. If you have a smart phone or tablet or a computer, bring them.
  4. Pour a cool or warm drink (preferably not alcoholic - you need to be alert for this part)
  5. Find a comfortable place to relax (preferably outside if the weather is good).
  6. Find the on-off button and turn it on. Let it warm up while you get settled.

Keep your instruction manual close bye. When something is not obvious or doesn’t make sense, look for explanations or instructions in the manual.

If you have a smart phone, smart tablet or computer connected to the internet, you often can find an answer more quickly by asking a question in a search box or web browser. For example, when I typed “how do i read location on a garmin oregon” in a Google search box, the first result was a link to a series of Garmin Oregon Tutorial Videos showing how to do the basic operations. That all happened faster than I could find the answer in the instruction manual.

Once you are settled in, start trying to do things. Anything that seems interesting. No particular sequence or goals. Just play with the receiver to see what happens. For example:

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